Clean Living Housekeeping is a small business catering to residential and commercial clients
We pride ourselves in having great customer service
Our cleaning is affordable and second to none


We take pride in cleaning
We clean your house as if it were our own

We have 24 years experience in the cleaning industry


We use all natural cleaning products and old fashion elbow grease
We pay attention to detail; first we do a deep cleaning, getting behind and under furniture,
moving out the stove and refrigerator getting the insides of the windows with window ledges and more
After that is maintenance and extra services if needed



Closet Organizing:
We can help you clean out and clean up your closets
Inside Cabinets:
Remove items and wash inside of cabinets, reorganize cabinets after cleaning
Inside Fridge:

Remove old food, rearrange and wash the inside
Inside Oven:
Inside of oven is done on the initial visit (if selfcleaning oven or and upon request)
Interior Walls:
Wash or dust - this is an hourly visit
Interior Windows:
Interior windows are done on the initial visit and upon request there after


    Before with hard water -After    
    We do Commercial Cleaning Bars, Spas, Offices    
    Special Project    

    Clean Garbage Disposal Clean Vacuum    


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We are pet friendly

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